How Much Luggage Is Allowed in Vande Bharat Train? Know the Rules and Limits

How Much Luggage Is Allowed in Vande Bharat Train? Know the Rules and Limits

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Rules for Luggage

When it comes to traveling on the Vande Bharat train, there are certain rules and regulations regarding luggage that you should be aware of. These rules ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey for all passengers. In this section, we will discuss the different aspects of luggage rules on the Vande Bharat train.

Different weight limits for different classes:

The weight limit for luggage varies depending on the class of travel. If you are traveling in AC first class, you are allowed to carry up to 70 kilograms of luggage for free. In AC 2-Tier, the limit is set at 50 kilograms. For AC 3-tier sleeper, AC chair car, and sleeper class, the allowed baggage weight is up to 40 kilograms. Finally, in the 2-class, the limit is up to 25 kilograms. It is important to note that these weight limits include the free allowance provided by the railway.

Minimum charge for luggage: Rs 30

While there is a certain amount of luggage that you can carry for free, any extra luggage above the specified limit will incur charges. The minimum charge for carrying excess luggage on the Vande Bharat train is Rs 30. This charge applies to any luggage that exceeds the free allowance limit.

Booking excess luggage:

If you find that you have more luggage than the permissible limit, you can still carry it with you by booking it in advance. Any luggage that exceeds the weight limit specified for each class needs to be booked at least 30 minutes before the departure of the train. This allows the luggage to be accommodated in the luggage van of the same train. It is essential to plan ahead and ensure that you book any excess luggage in a timely manner.

How much luggage can you take for free?

The Vande Bharat train has specific weight limits for different classes of travel. Knowing how much luggage you can take with you for free can help you plan your journey and avoid any additional charges. Here are the details:

AC first class: up to 70 kg

If you are traveling in AC first class, you are allowed to carry up to 70 kilograms of luggage for free. This generous allowance ensures that you can bring all the essentials you need for your journey without any extra charges.

AC 2-Tier: limit of 50 kg

Passengers traveling in AC 2-Tier have a limit of 50 kilograms for their free luggage allowance. This weight limit is slightly lower than that of AC first class but still provides ample space to carry your belongings comfortably.

AC 3-tier sleeper, AC chair car, and sleeper class: up to 40 kg

For passengers traveling in AC 3-tier sleeper, AC chair car, and sleeper class, the maximum weight for free luggage allowance is 40 kilograms. This limit is applicable to these three classes, ensuring that passengers in these categories can bring their essentials without any additional charges.

2-class: up to 25 kg

Passengers traveling in the 2-class have a free luggage allowance of up to 25 kilograms. While this limit is lower compared to the other classes, it still allows passengers to bring the necessary items for their journey without incurring any extra charges.

How to book luggage?

Booking your luggage in advance is a convenient way to ensure that you can carry any excess baggage with you on the Vande Bharat train. Here are the steps to book your luggage:

  1. Present luggage at the booking station’s luggage office 30 minutes before departure: If you have any excess luggage that needs to be booked, make sure to arrive at the luggage office of the booking station at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. This will provide sufficient time for the staff to process your booking and arrange for the luggage to be loaded onto the train.
  2. Advance booking of luggage is also possible while booking tickets: If you know in advance that you will be carrying additional luggage, you can book it during the ticket booking process. This option allows you to secure your luggage booking along with your train ticket, saving you time and effort on the day of travel.
  3. Secure packing is required for acceptable booking and carriage: It is important to ensure that your luggage is securely packed before presenting it for booking. Luggage that is not properly packed will not be accepted for booking and carriage unless the sender or their authorized agent executes a forwarding note and records any defects or improper packing. So, make sure to pack your luggage appropriately to avoid any issues during the booking process.

Penalty for carrying unbooked baggage:

The Vande Bharat train has strict rules regarding unbooked baggage. If a passenger is found with unbooked or partially booked luggage weighing more than the permitted weight, a penalty is imposed. The excess unbooked weight is charged at six times the luggage scale rate. This penalty ensures that all passengers adhere to the luggage rules and contribute to a fair and organized system on board the train.

In conclusion, knowing the rules and regulations regarding luggage on the Vande Bharat train is essential for a smooth and hassle-free journey. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the weight limits for each class and the process for booking excess luggage. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a comfortable and stress-free travel experience on the Vande Bharat train.

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